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Robb Cass

Robb Cass

AccuDoc Solutions
Morrisville, NC

Truepress Jet520S

Inkjet Web Press

Truepress Jet520S


Transactional print, mail and patient communications for the healthcare industry


The SCREEN TPJ520 has allowed us to move from a 20-hour workday to a 10-hour workday and given us the capacity to triple our business volume out the door on a monthly basis.


“The quality on the Truepress Jet520 is really an enhancement over what our clients saw when we used a toner-based solution.”

AccuDoc’s healthy appreciation for SCREEN TPJ520 high-speed inkjet's ability to service its healthcare industry customers

“We’re printing at speeds that are over 400% above our old toner operation at a cost that’s less than 50% of that old operation,” says Mark Freeze, general manager. Rob Cass, president, is also impressed with the quality: “The quality is really an enhancement from what our clients saw before with a toner-based solution.”

Truepress Jet520 - Just What the Doctor Ordered for AccuDoc Solutions

Truepress Jet520 - Just What the Doctor Ordered for AccuDoc Solutions

When AccuDoc Solutions felt the pressure for growth, the Morrisville, North Carolina printer that serves the transactional mail and communications needs of health care industry organizations across the U.S., stepped into its future with the purchase of its first piece of SCREEN equipment.

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Meet the “Marketing Department”

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Meet the “Marketing Department”

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