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Truepress Jet520 - Just What the Doctor Ordered for AccuDoc Solutions

January 2, 2017

Truepress Jet520 - Just What the Doctor Ordered for AccuDoc Solutions

When AccuDoc Solutions felt the pressure for growth, the Morrisville, North Carolina printer that serves the transactional mail and communications needs of health care industry organizations across the U.S., stepped into its future with the purchase of its first piece of SCREEN equipment. The Truepress Jet520 high-speed production inkjet press has proved to be exactly what the doctor ordered.

Mark Freeze, AccuDoc’s general manager said, “The Truepress Jet520 ended up being a great solution for us.”

“We’re printing at speeds that are over 400% above our old toner operation at a cost that’s less than 50% of that old operation,” Freeze said.

President Rob Cass is also impressed. “The quality is really an enhancement from what our clients saw before with a toner-based solution. It’s been nice to provide a higher quality at the same price,” Cass said.

The Truepress Jet520 features drop on demand (DOD) inkjet heads that enable extremely fine control of the ejected ink drops, generating smooth gradations. The Truepress Jet520 boasts the highest resolution of any single-pass inkjet digital printing system at 720 x 360 dpi.

With its adoption of the latest technology, AccuDoc Solutions has come a long way since its start in 2005 as a support unit for companies under the same ownership. Since then it has evolved to serve some 25 healthcare systems that make up 150 hospitals across the United States as well as approximately 3,000 physician practices. In addition to its mainstay printing and mailing of hospital and physician statements, AccuDoc provides services such as e-statements, payment portals, patient portals, and interactive voice response (IVR). Mailed statements each month now exceed three-and-a-half million.

“Because of our demands for growth we reached a point where we needed to look at faster equipment that gave us the same quality that we had with toner,” Cass said. “We either needed to buy more equipment of what we were using in that toner world or move to an inkjet world.

“So we spent a lot of time educating ourselves and evaluating the true cost to operate a machine. After a detailed evaluation of operating costs to run the Truepress Jet520, we determined that it was our best solution,” he said.

The reliability of the Truepress Jet520 ensures high uptime to answer a constant need for production availability at AccuDoc, with its fast and efficient printing of 419.94 feet (128 meters) per minute meeting modern marketplace demands for speed and accuracy.

The Truepress Jet520 prints on a wide range of paper types, giving the press the flexibility required for modern print clients. It features a roll-fed paper transport system that enables extremely fast, high-volume printing.

“The Truepress Jet520 allowed us to move from a 20-hour work day down to a 10-hour work day. We have been able to triple our business in size as far as volume out the door on a monthly basis,” Cass said.

In choosing SCREEN over other competitors, Freeze said that real estate considerations came into play. “We were approaching peak volume, and that meant we had to invest in more equipment. When you do that, you have to really invest in more real estate to house everything. We decided that we did not want to go out and buy more buildings or rent or lease spaces.

“So we decided to take the best of available technology and scale our operation down while at the same time increasing throughput,” he said. “The biggest footprint of what we do at our facility is print and mail output.” The Truepress Jet520 was installed in a “U” configuration so existing space could be utilized without much modification.

Installation was smooth and efficient. “The machine went together very quickly. The SCREEN personnel came in and had it going in what to us was record time,” he said.

When it came to training, Freeze was well pleased. “On our prior equipment, we would have employees that would typically undergo three to six months of training before we would allow them to operate that particular print solution. With the Truepress Jet520, employee training has really been easy,” he said.

“The solutions that SCREEN provides and the SCREEN software that runs the box are very easy to use. It’s extremely intuitive, and our training went far quicker than we thought it would. We were up and running on the box in a matter of weeks versus months.”

SCREEN had other happy surprises in store for AccuDoc. Cass said, “When we were in our evaluation process before purchase, we spoke to some SCREEN clients who told us they were not having daily service calls, which is what we were experiencing on our earlier equipment. We were a little perplexed at the lack of a need for service.

“After installation we realized that is truly the case. The few times we have needed service calls, SCREEN has always been there. They are extremely responsive and solve any issue that we have in a very short period of time,” he said.

“SCREEN very quickly became a business partner, not a vendor. It was a great feeling working with them from the beginning. We know we made the right decision.”

Freeze concurs. “The SCREEN solution has not only met our needs but it has exceeded expectations in every way possible,” he said.


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