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SCREEN Americas COVID-19 Response Statement

The following statement is to update you on how SCREEN Americas, in collaboration with the SCREEN Group (Kyoto, Japan), is responding to the growing threat of the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

SCREEN Americas has implemented provisions of our established Disaster Recover Pandemic Response Plan, which is a part of our overall Business Continuity Plan, and follows the SCREEN Group’s disaster protocol. This Plan outlines specific steps SCREEN Americas takes to safeguard employees’ health and well-being during a pandemic while ensuring the Company’s ability to maintain essential operations and continue providing essential services to our customers.

In alignment with the threat assessment protocols of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO), we have activated our Emergency Management Team as outlined in SCREEN America’s Business Continuity Plan. This team is addressing active and ongoing disease surveillance, workforce protection and management, travel and facility access restrictions, potential supply chain impacts, and quarantine measures as defined in our Plan. More specifically:

  • We are maintaining strong communication with our suppliers in order to work together to anticipate any disruptions of supply, parts, or services. At this time we have not experienced any delays to report as a result of the Coronavirus outbreak.
  • We are engaged in active and ongoing monitoring, specifically: disease progression; country, CDC, and WHO responses; and prevention and containment measures.
  • We have communicated best practices for protecting employee health and implemented office cleaning requirements. Employees who are ill have been asked to stay home.
  • We have implemented employee travel restrictions and are restricting anyone having traveled to or through any restricted countries from entry into any Company facility for 14 days.
  • We have canceled unnecessary company gatherings and meetings and are conducting them by remote video and other means.

While for security reasons we do not share the specific details of our business continuity plans, the following is an overview of key steps related to our operations.

  • Unless circumstances dictate otherwise, the Company expects “essential” personnel to be available and on premises for work during a pandemic. In extreme cases, “essential” personnel may be directed to work from home. This would be considered a situational or episodic telecommute scenario.
  • Our company footprint has the capability of remote access and also operates from multiple locations.
  • Our engineering staff are located throughout the country and can be tasked to support customers anywhere in the country should local service engineering staff become infected.
  • It is important to highlight that our reporting and communication systems will be available if our team is required to work from home.

The senior management team of SCREEN Americas takes the COVID-19 threat seriously and we are taking all reasonable measures to prepare for and mitigate the risk of COVID-19 to our team members, our customers, and our business. We will provide additional updates as the situation warrants.

Thank you for your continued support of SCREEN Americas. We wish good health and safety to all our business partners and their employees and families.

Ken Ingram
SCREEN Americas

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