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Your print operation is in good hands with SCREEN’s TRUST Network Service

Complimentary with every SCREEN machine, the TRUST Network Service provides ongoing communication to SCREEN customers, preventive maintenance techniques and technical support when needed.

With the three components of SCREEN’s TRUST Network Service, TRUST Dialog, TRUST Guard and TRUST Assist, your downtime will be minimized, your productivity improved and your revenue increased.


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Ongoing Communication with

TRUST Dialog

TRUST Dialog

Printers receive their own dedicated cloud-based web page which is updated regularly with resources for improved performance. Printers will have access to ongoing information to achieve smooth, uninterrupted print runs in the form of manuals and videos. They will also be able to evaluate the day’s jobs, record job history and monitor activity such as paper and ink consumption with TRUST Dialog.

Preventive Maintenance with



Through the secure and private transmission of daily logs, SCREEN personnel are able to monitor press conditions remotely to detect potential problems and alert the operator when issues are detected. Operators are alerted of press inventory and notified when it’s time to replace consumables and parts. Malfunctions are avoided with real-time maintenance and prevention with TRUST Guard.

Effective Solutions with

TRUST Assist

TRUST Assist

If a problem should occur, SCREEN personnel will offer real-time assistance to solve the problem quickly. An authorized technician will be able to check the status of sensors, voltage, electric currents and the temperature of the machine remotely. By having access to this information, communication gaps as well as time consuming travel will be avoided. Downtime will be kept to a minimum with TRUST Assist.

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