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Our Best Marketing Message

Roland Garcia

Roland Garcia

Founder and CEO
Original Impressions
Miami, FL

Truepress Jet520S

Inkjet Web Press

Truepress Jet520S


Solution-driven and one of the largest commercial printing operations in south Florida


Reached a higher level of productivity at competitive marketplace pricing with the Truepress Jet520.


“Thanks to the Truepress Jet520, we’re able to deliver overnight the products and services our customers want us to come through with.”

Original Impressions Impressed with Truepress Jet520 productivity

One of the largest commercial printing operations in South Florida, OI offers every platform of printing equipment, but its Truepress Jet520 is the equipment of choice to deliver quality four-color personalized materials to its many satisfied customers.

Meet the “Marketing Department”

Label & Packaging

Meet the “Marketing Department”

High-Speed Inkjet

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