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Truepress Jet520EX-Monochrome Entry-Level Inkjet Web Press

Fast Turnarounds and Efficient Production of High Print Volumes

The Truepress Jet520EX-Monochrome shares the same high quality, consistent output and great reliability as the entire Truepress Jet520 series.

Dependability and Results

The Truepress Jet520EX-Monochrome fits any customer environment thanks to its compact body and flexible configurations. This fast and very affordable monochrome printing system has a lower price tag and smaller footprint than its full-color family members.

Stable, Continuous Printing

Stable, Continuous Printing

Excelling at both short-run and high-volume printing, the Truepress Jet520EX-Monochrome prints sharp text and images on coated and uncoated stock, inkjet paper and standard paper. It gives any project, including forms, manuals and on-demand books and newspapers, the superior quality and productivity it deserves. Connecting a variety of postpress equipment inline or near-line creates the right processing environment for any work you do.

Space and Cost Savings

The Truepress Jet520EX-Monochrome’s footprint is about 26 percent smaller than that of the standard Truepress Jet520S without skimping on functionality. What’s more, Truepress Jet520EX-Monochrome’s futuristic design enables it to use less power than other inkjet printers.




When it comes to reliable production, faithful color and fast turnarounds for a variety of high-volume commercial printing applications, SCREEN Truepress Jet520 series inkjet web presses satisfy all your customers’ demands. Flexible system configurations and versatile options allow you to build the production solution you need.



SCREEN technology creates new opportunities to use continuous-feed inkjet for high-end publications and digital book printing that were previously impossible. SCREEN inkjet web presses leverage the speed advantages of digital technology while providing opportunities for variable data, full color and different text stocks.



SCREEN high-speed inkjet presses are changing the look and feel of monthly statements, invoices, policies and other documents. Attention-grabbing color and targeted messages combine with fast throughput to add value to every customer communication.


SCREEN Presents the Extraordinary in Print at drupa 2016

Fulfilling its theme of “Achieve the Extraordinary in Print,” SCREEN showcased exciting printing solutions at drupa 2016 held in Dusseldorf, Germany May 31 – June 10.

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Data-Mail Strengthens Production Facilities with Its Second SCREEN Truepress Jet520EX-Monochrome

Data-Mail Strengthens Production Facilities with Its Second SCREEN Truepress Jet520EX-Monochrome

The promotional mail house recently acquired its second SCREEN Truepress Jet520EX after a successful integration of its first Truepress monochrome machine last fall and a solid working partnership with SCREEN Americas.

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Truepress Jet520EX-Monochrome Literature

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Schematic (1 of 2)

Schematic (2 of 2)

Printing methodPiezo single-pass printing, four tones per drop
InkWater-based pigment inks, water-based dye inks
ResolutionMaximum 720 x 360 dpi
Product configurationsSimplex, Dual Engine Duplex, Single Engine Duplex
Printing speed*1Maximum 128 m (419.94')/min (under SCREEN’s conditions)
Paper width*2165 to 520 mm (6.5" to 20.47")
Printing width*3150 to 506 mm (5.9" to 19.92")
Dimensions (W x D x H)2,186 x 1,766 mm [2,028 including operation panel] x 1,905 mm [printer unit]
Weight1,766 kg (3,894 lb) [Simplex]
Power source
Printer: Three phase 200 to 240 V, 25 A / 380 to 440 V, 15 A
Single phase 200 to 240 V, 13 A
Single phase 100 to 240 V, 2 A
Operating environmentTemperature: 18 to 24°C (no sudden temperature changes)
Relative humidity: 40 to 60% (no condensation)
*1 Maximum 64m (209.97') during duplex printing with a single engine duplex system.
*2 165 to 250 mm (6.5" to 9.84") during duplex printing with a single engine duplex system.
*3 150 to 238 mm (5.9" to 9.37") during duplex printing with a single engine duplex system.
The Truepress Jet520EX Monochrome that uses water-based dye inks can be converted to print in color.
Please consult your SCREEN representative for details.

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