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Major Chinese Publisher Purchases Eight SCREEN Truepress Jet High-Speed Inkjet Web Presses

January 28, 2016

Major Chinese Publisher Purchases Eight SCREEN Truepress Jet High-Speed Inkjet Web Presses

The Chinese production printing market has enjoyed the bounty of China’s explosive economic growth and its citizens’ robust appetite for consumer goods. Further diversification of print media and an intensifying requirement for on-demand publishing are projected to fuel a cumulative rise in distribution of digitally printed materials over the next few years. SCREEN has aggressively cultivated business relationships in this fertile ground, most recently partnering with China National Publications Import and Export (Group) Corporation (CNPIEC), China’s largest importer and exporter of books.

CNPIEC Digital Printing Co., Ltd., a print-on-demand operation established by CNPIEC in 2014, ordered eight SCREEN Truepress Jet520 series inkjet web presses. CNPIEC Digital Printing produces a wide variety of publications that require high-quality printing, including many well-known foreign titles. The print provider intends to implement four printing lines built around the cutting-edge Truepress Jet520HD and Truepress Jet520EX Advanced.

SCREEN has shipped more than 950 Truepress Jet520 models to countries around the world since it launched the continuous-feed variable printing system in 2006. The Truepress Jet520HD high-definition press features 1,200 dpi x 1,200 dpi maximum resolution and precise droplet size control to achieve the colors, textures, details and solid ink areas demanded for high-end publication work. The Truepress Jet520EX Advanced is a dedicated monochrome printing system. Following a thorough evaluation of print quality, CNPIEC Digital Printing concluded that the SCREEN inkjet presses could drive the desired growth of its digital printing business.

“We have struggled to find a system that is capable of producing the appropriate number of copies in a timely fashion without compromising on quality,” said Pod. Guo, president of CNPIEC Digital Printing. “Our new systems will certainly provide us with the ability to handle publications for both the domestic and international markets. They will allow us to utilize applications that target individual consumers with variable and small-lot printing. We were also impressed by the technical support provided and have every confidence that SCREEN is an ideal partner.”

In addition to the eight-press order, SCREEN and CNPIEC Digital Printing forged a mutually beneficial strategic partnership. Under the terms of an agreement signed in December 2015, SCREEN will provide comprehensive technical support as CNPIEC Digital Printing expands its digital printing business and proceeds with plans to establish five more operational sites within Mainland China. Furthermore, SCREEN will avail itself of CNPIEC Digital Printing’s facilities to develop promotional campaigns that accelerate SCREEN’s sales strategies for China and the rest of Asia.

“The Truepress Jet520HD combines all of the technical expertise and know-how we have accumulated in the development of our digital printing business,” said Katsuhiko Aoki, president of SCREEN Graphic and Precision Solutions Co., Ltd. “SCREEN GP is extremely proud of CNPIEC’s strong endorsement of the Truepress Jet520HD and its decision to install this system and other SCREEN models. We intend to progressively strengthen the strategic partnership agreement signed with CNPIEC Digital Printing as we expand our print-on-demand business in the Chinese market. As always, our wider goal is to contribute to the development of the publishing industry and overall printing industry.”


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Truepress Jet520HD Series

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