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SCREEN Launches Upgraded Thermal CTP Lineup; New Series Delivers Throughput of 70 Plates per Hour

November 28, 2023

SCREEN Launches Upgraded Thermal CTP Lineup; New Series Delivers Throughput of 70 Plates per Hour

SCREEN Graphic Solutions Co., Ltd. (SCREEN GA) will soon launch its new PlateRite HD 8900N II series of 8-page thermal CTP systems. The lineup includes the latest models for SCREEN GA’s PlateRite HD 8900N series, a highly successful range that delivers throughput of 70 plates per hour.

In recent years, the commercial printing market has undergone a major shift toward diverse, small-lot jobs with short turnaround times, opening up new opportunities to utilize digital presses. At the same time, the ever-improving performance of the latest offset presses has significantly reduced the time required for job changes and color adjustments on these systems. This has led to offset presses being used in many different situations. Factors such as excellent print quality and paper compatibility, as well as the number of copies these presses can print, has made their use particularly strong in the package printing segment.

In response to these industry trends, SCREEN GA plans to transition from its PlateRite HD 8900N series, originally launched in May 2016, to its new PlateRite HD 8900N II replacement lineup, which is scheduled to be released in the near future. Like the current series, the new range will include E, S and Z models, each targeting specific needs.

The high-end Z model, featuring a 1,024 channel imaging head, is capable of outputting 70 plates per hour while the E and S models, each with 512 channels, can process 36 and 48 plates per hour respectively. The imaging head of each model uses GLVTM optical technology to produce more uniform distribution of illumination, ensuring higher quality. Its high-precision auto-focus mechanism also enables output of SCREEN’s proprietary Spekta 2 screening and Randot X FM screening.

All models are able to handle a wide variety of plate sizes ranging from 304 x 305 mm to 1,165 x 950 mm. As with the current series, each model can also be combined with both MA-L8900 and SA-L8900 autoloaders enabling plate supply to be fully automated. (The MA-L8900 is able to set up to 600 plates; the SA-L8900 has a capacity of 120 plates. Both are optional units.) In addition, when they are linked with AT-M8001N units (third-party autoloaders can now also be connected at the same time) on the discharge side, plates can now be output in up to five different directions. This extended control further improves both automation and efficiency.

The new series has also been specifically designed for enhanced environmental friendliness. With the Z model, for example, power consumption during operation has been reduced by as much as 43 percent per plate. It is also equipped with a new energy saving mode that can cut power use by 90 percent while the system is idle. (These reduced percentages are based on a comparison with a PlateRite 8800N-ZX when an MA-L unit and built-in bridge are connected.)

As a leading manufacturer of CTP systems, SCREEN GA’s upcoming launch of its new PlateRite HD 8900N II series is expected to make a major contribution to the continuing growth of the printing industry.


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