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Thriving Direct Mail and Transactional Communications Provider, DNI Corp., Expands Capabilities and Capacity with SCREEN Truepress Jet520S Inkjet Press

July 9, 2019

Thriving Direct Mail and Transactional Communications Provider, DNI Corp., Expands Capabilities and Capacity with SCREEN Truepress Jet520S Inkjet Press

DNI Corp., the Nashville-headquartered print and mail solutions company now in its 35th year, is accelerating its investment in advanced production technology with the purchase its first inkjet press: a leading-edge SCREEN Truepress Jet520S.

Experiencing steady growth over the past several years, company owner, Jono Huddleston, and president, Andrew Honeybone, attribute the increased sales to a number of factors that include penetration in a wider scope of industry segments and the addition of an electronic bill presentment and payment technology platform. But perhaps the biggest contributor to DNI’s success is the company’s culture of putting customers first. In order to continue on its growth path, the company recently procured the new SCREEN Truepress Jet520S inkjet press.

“We are working to help our customers be efficient, cost effective and competitive. We want them to consider us a one-stop shop delivering the leading quality and response time they expect,” Honeybone explained. “The investment in new equipment not only broadens our capacity, but solidifies a level of quality, speed and efficiency that will allow DNI to deliver enhanced value on products and services that clients increasingly depend on us to support.”

With the start-up of the SCREEN Truepress Jet520S press, DNI can deliver even more impactful communications for customers. Specifically, the Truepress Jet520S press is a roll-fed, drop-on-demand inkjet production press that delivers among the highest resolutions available for full-color images and personalization of direct mail pieces and transactional documents.

In late 2018, upon completion of thorough due diligence and an in-depth selection process to identify the ‘right’ manufacturing partner and technology, DNI decided to expand the company’s foundation for continued growth and extend its print value chain as a one-source solution to save its clients time and money.

“We visited SCREEN’s Chicago area demonstration center and saw firsthand how well the Truepress performs,” Honeybone said. “We also found the entire SCREEN organization was unlike any other OEM supplier. From president to demonstration staff, SCREEN’s approach, from the outset of our discussions, was in stark contrast to other companies we were evaluating in this buying process. The SCREEN team was able to view our planned investment through the DNI lens. They understood our need for a potential long-term collaboration — and demonstrated this would not be just a one-time transaction.”

Huddleston added, “With a comprehensive ROI analysis complete, we knew where we had to be to integrate the new device into our operation. SCREEN then helped us work through the economics of the Truepress technology and the no-click charge business model to arrive at ROI projections that made perfect sense for our company and clients.”

Direct mail is DNI’s legacy business, dating back to the company’s founding in 1984. With Nashville’s status as the geographic and business epicenter of the state of Tennessee, the company’s 80,000 square foot operation is strategically positioned to expand its penetration within that localized segment. Its direct mail clients are enthusiastic about the striking color, resolution and prompt turnarounds that DNI has been able to deliver with the Truepress Jet520S press.

DNI’s statement and transactional business, which serves primarily regional and national companies, has also been a reliable source of revenue growth over the last several years. For that segment, the color versatility of the Truepress Jet520S press has immediate appeal to both existing and prospective clients looking to increase the impact and effectiveness of critical documents. With the advantage of its Nashville commerce hub location now combined with the broad capabilities of the SCREEN Truepress technology, Huddleston and Honeybone believe DNI is equipped to scale that high-volume business across multiple industry segments and increase penetration where high-quality, variable-color is a differentiator.

When the Truepress decision was made and the relationship with SCREEN was formalized, DNI, like most companies that invest in exciting new technology, expected quick installation of the Trupress Jet520S. SCREEN did not disappoint. “We inked the contract at the end of December 2018, and before six weeks had passed, the press was on the floor here in Nashville, enabling us to ramp up quickly, which was a real bonus,” Honeybone said.

“SCREEN’s approach to customer service is incredibly consistent – from sales to installation, technical support, training, service and beyond. I do not take that kind of commitment and performance for granted; it truly speaks to their client-centered approach just as it does having members of their executive team, including their president, here on site multiple times during that period.”

“We see the Trupress Jet520S and our relationship with SCREEN as a key step toward growth… helping DNI scale up for the future to ensure we are driving differentiated solutions for both current loyal clients and new customers,” Honeybone added.

About DNI Corp.

Dating back to its company founding in 1984, DNI Corp has prided itself on “The Art of Delivery” by providing direct mail fulfillment and transactional communications solutions to clients across a range of industries, including insurance, health care, utilities, transportation and the public sector. The company is committed to offering bundled solutions throughout the direct mail and statement-processing spectrum to support the efficiency and effectiveness of their clients’ communication, engagement, payment, activation and acquisition initiatives. DNI Corp has been proud to call Nashville, Tennessee home since opening its doors and services to clients and customers across the United States and Canada.


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