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SCREEN Americas’ Truepress Jet520NX Reduces Output Time by Half for In-plant Printer in the Transactional Market

February 25, 2021

SCREEN Americas announces reported progress for its in-plant customer, Shelter Insurance Companies, only eight months after it installed the Truepress Jet520NX at its headquarters in Columbia, Missouri. Shelter Insurance Companies, a provider of various insurance policies, had previously operated toner-based printers prior to purchasing its first digital inkjet press from SCREEN Americas. Since the installation, the insurance company has eliminated all of its toner-based technology.

As is often the case with in-plant printers, Shelter Insurance Companies only operates one daily shift on weekdays, making turnaround time key for the company. The Truepress Jet520NX is used for all of the firm’s transactional correspondence including declarations, cancellation and renewal notices, premium notices and claims letters. The printing time for these documents has been cut in half with the Truepress Jet520NX.

Due to the press’ unique printhead design that offers both monochrome and full-color options, Shelter Insurance Companies can move forward with plans to expand its printing capabilities to include marketing messages directly onto the transactional documents containing available white space, according to Lisa Brock, manager of records and mailing. Though the firm has a separate department for printing its marketing materials, with the installation of the Truepress Jet520NX, certain marketing messages may now be incorporated with the transactional end of the business cutting additional costs on paper. Further savings on paper took place as a result of complementing the press with a new finishing line from Tecnau which eliminated the need to purchase paper that was already perforated.

Service, as well as flexibility on that service, also played a role in Shelter Insurance Companies’ decision to invest in SCREEN’s technology. “We had a strong relationship with a servicing vendor whom we wished to retain,” said Brock, “SCREEN brought this vendor up to speed on SCREEN’s technology as well as providing general operating training and additional training on color.”

All of the training took place during the pandemic which involved Shelter Insurance Companies dividing its crew into two different groups in order to alternately meet with SCREEN’s personnel. The success of this coordination has led to a working relationship between the two companies that is grounded in solutions.


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