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SCREEN Develops New Digital Label Press Featuring Cutting-edge Color Reproduction and Scalability

September 24, 2019

SCREEN Develops New Digital Label Press Featuring Cutting-edge Color Reproduction and Scalability

SCREEN Americas has finalized development of its new Truepress Jet L350UV SAI inkjet system for label printing. The Truepress Jet L350UV SAI will make its international debut at Labelexpo Europe 2019, Brussels, September 24 – 27, 2019.

The press features improved color reproduction as well as superior scalability, enabling it to meet a wide variety of market needs. SCREEN plans to launch the system worldwide in January 2020.

Production levels for the global label printing industry continue to expand every year. There is particularly strong interest in labels and seals used in short-run limited and regional campaigns and those with unique designs to stimulate consumers’ desire to purchase.

SCREEN developed the Truepress Jet L350UV in 2013, its first label printer designed specifically for this field. Since the initial release, wide ranging, continuous improvements have seen the L350UV series ship a total of more than 150 presses to date. Adoption has also been accelerating in Europe, where short runs are particularly beneficial for language localization, as well as the Americas and Asia.

In recent years, requirements for mixed, short-run printing have also been growing in relation to products for the high price and luxury segments. This has created a need for better print quality than ever before. At the same time, however, there have been growing calls to improve installation costs and other aspects of digital label presses.

In response to these industry trends, SCREEN has developed the Truepress Jet L350UV SAI. The system enables significantly richer color expression and is available in a line-up of four models that can be selected according to the production environment.

The system’s name, “SAI” represents its design concept and refers to its extremely Stable operation, highly Accurate color reproduction and time-tested Integrated technologies. “SAI” can also mean both ‘color’ and ‘high’ in the Japanese translation and was chosen to reflect SCREEN Americas’ continuous pursuit of peak color expression.

The company has equipped the Truepress Jet L350UV SAI with additional slots for mounting inkjet printheads. Along with C, M, Y and K, it can be loaded with white, orange and blue inks for a total of seven colors. The system also features proprietary color management technologies developed in collaboration with CGS Publishing Technologies International GmbH of Germany. These technologies provide a far wider range of color expression than was previously possible.

The flagship Z model also delivers industry leading print speeds of up to 80 meters per minute, ensuring both outstanding quality and productivity. The high-end Z model is joined by an entry-level model with reduced installation costs (E), a standard model (S) and a dedicated model for food labels (LM). Each of the four systems can be upgraded on-site with additional colors.

The wide line-up and color selection provide printing companies with the optimal model for any current application while also allowing them to flexibly expand functionality as their operations grow. The extra printhead slots available will likewise enable companies to use the new inks SCREEN develops in the future.

SCREEN plans to launch the S, E, Z and LM models sequentially in January 2020. Going forward, the company intends to provide the label printing industry with even more diverse solutions that will address a wide range of market needs, while also increasing product value. SCREEN remains fully committed to the long-term growth of the industry.


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Truepress Jet L350UV SAI Series

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Truepress Jet L350UV SAI Series

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