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Nahan Printing Expands Personalized Direct Mail Offerings with SCREEN Truepress Jet520ZZ

December 12, 2014

Nahan Printing Expands Personalized Direct Mail Offerings with SCREEN Truepress Jet520ZZ

At Nahan Printing in St. Cloud, Minn., digital output has been an integral component of the production mix since the 1990s. A leading independent provider of commercial printing, direct mail and digital solutions, Nahan Printing installed a SCREEN Truepress Jet520ZZ to enable full digital color web printing and 100 percent variability from test to high-volume rollout projects.

Operating virtually nonstop since its installation, SCREEN’s flagship inkjet web press has lived up to its reputation as a digital powerhouse.

“The Truepress is booked 24 hours a day,” said Michael Nahan, CEO. “The only time the press is not running is when we are changing paper rolls. In terms of run time, cost of operation, dependability and quality, everything about the Truepress has met our expectations. High-speed color inkjet is a stable printing platform, and it was the right time to embrace it.”

Nahan Printing was founded in 1962 with 15 employees. The Nahan family still owns and operates the printing company, but the business’ size and scope have grown significantly. A total of 450 full-time employees work at two facilities with a combined size of nearly 500,000 square feet. The St. Cloud headquarters specializes in commercial and custom printing, while the sister plant in Sauk Rapids, Minn., emphasizes complicated direct mail products.

Catering to world-class national clients, such as Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman and Saks, Nahan Printing delivers quality and service of the same high caliber. The G7® Master Qualified print provider has earned numerous awards in major print quality competitions. Its product portfolio comprises three categories: catalogs for the luxury retail business; complementary folded self-mailers; and inserted mail, primarily acquisition direct mail targeted toward the credit card, finance and insurance markets.

Conventional signature work is accomplished on manroland web presses with Muller Martini saddle stitchers and Goss binders on the back end. Heidelberg sheetfed presses round out the stable of traditional printing iron.

Heading up the list of criteria in the purchase decision was the ability of the Truepress Jet520ZZ to rival web offset output.

“Because the Truepress matches the quality of the manroland equipment, it affords our clients a hybrid option in high-end catalog marketing and highly personalized direct mail,” Nahan said. “On a typical direct mail inserted package for a credit card company, we digitally reproduce accurate corporate colors and image details. We can provide penetration into smaller mail cells that you cannot do with conventional offset printing and, in turn, generate savings on postage.”

Many of Nahan Printing’s clients are experimenting with digital offerings, and continuous-feed inkjet has proven more cost-effective for the longer run lengths.

“Clients are implementing testing programs to prove whether they are increasing conversation rates and producing ROI through greater personalization on direct mail campaigns,” Nahan said.

A big advantage of the Truepress Jet520ZZ is the way its variable printing capabilities complement Nahan Printing’s Bell and Howell Producer 30 intelligent inserters.

“With 100 percent variability, the Truepress varies the page count and message for each product and the inserter automates the paper handling processes,” Nahan said.

Press selection took nearly two years as Nahan Printing put roll-fed inkjet machines from all the manufacturers through their paces. The speed of 721 feet per minute, 720 dpi x 360 dpi resolution, lack of click charges and high uptime were determining factors.

“We devised a print test consisting of specific files and papers,” Nahan recalled. “The test was designed to measure press performance at varying speeds using standard uncoated paper up to matte cardstock paper. Based on our measurements, the Truepress won out hands down.”


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