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Direct Mail Printer Gains Competitive Edge by Investing in Both the SCREEN Truepress JET 520NX and Truepress JET 520HD+

March 5, 2024

Direct Mail Printer Gains Competitive Edge by Investing in Both the SCREEN Truepress JET 520NX and Truepress JET 520HD+

SCREEN Americas announces the installation of the Truepress JET 520NX to MCT, also known as Marketing Card Technology, LLC. The installation follows MCT’s investment in the Truepress JET 520HD+, which was installed in March 2020.

MCT is a two-fold operation with two facilities in Illinois—one in Darien and one in Downers Grove. The company manufactures credit cards and personalized mockup cards in its Darien facility and runs a full-service direct mail marketing operation in its Downers Grove location.

With a capacity to print, insert and mail 1.5 million pieces per day, MCT struck a strategic balance in its workload when it opted to complement its Truepress JET 520HD+ with a full-color Truepress JET 520NX. The company uses the HD+ for customers seeking high-end promotional items requiring coated paper and reserves the NX for jobs that can be produced on uncoated paper.

“The NX is a mainstream press that allows me to do everything in-house while the HD can be used for those customers who want a more high-end piece with a shinier finish,” said Push Venkitasamy, CEO and president of MCT. “Having both presses allows me to run a more economical business and be more competitive.”

Venkitasamy credits the HD+ for saving his business during the pandemic. “A lot of mailing houses went under during that time,” said Venkitasamy. “We were really fortunate to have installed the press when we did.”

Founded in 2012, MCT employs 180 people and operates two eight-hour shifts six days per week. It serves a wide range of industries including retail, dining, hospitality, financial, entertainment and nonprofit organizations.


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