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Label Print Technologies Keeps Customers Happy with Versatile L350

September 13, 2016

Label Print Technologies Keeps Customers Happy with Versatile L350

Jodi Westphal, the energetic president of Label Print Technologies in Mogadore, Ohio, knows that helping her customers grow their businesses helps her own business continue to flourish. The Truepress L350UV inkjet label press provides the versatility to give customers exactly what they want.

“The press is a great piece of equipment. Our print runs can be one label or 100,000. It depends on what the customer needs. The L350 can accommodate a wide range,” Westphal said.

The L350 holds an industry-wide reputation for its extensive capabilities. Its quickness and excellent print quality combine for customer satisfaction. Keeping up to speed with customer needs and increasing the client base are what make Label Print Technologies the success Westphal used to dream of. Now she's helping others turn their business dreams into reality.

Label Print Technologies offers a full suite of label solutions to satisfy customer needs across many markets including beverage, food and organic food brands in Ohio and throughout the Midwest. “Our intended label market niche is anyone who needs the highest quality and fastest turn around,” she said.

“A lot of our customers are growing their business. It’s fun to be part of that,” she said.

She knows about developing a business. Label Print Technologies got its start some five years ago on the heels of a close-down by US Label. She took on the task of rebuilding the business and it’s been no holds barred ever since.

Westphal and her team keep their eyes forward with their aggressive sales strategy, resulting in more than $1 million in sales growth each year.

“We use the L350 to help our customers build their brand. It has a rapid turn around and a variety of options to use easily. It's been an easy fit for our company's core competencies and our customers' unique label needs.”

The Truepress Jet L350UV UV Inkjet Label Press is well-known as a diverse digital press with a wide range of capabilities and substrate versatility - just what Label Print Technologies was seeking in August 2015 when it became the fifth converter in North America to install the press. The L350 achieves superb output on paper substrates, metallic foil, transparent film, polypropylene and polyethylene.

"We added the L350 to the five flexo presses we already had. Digital has been a great addition to achieve the top of quality and the multiple item, just in time inventory our customers need. In markets for our digital presses, the L350 makes a lot of sense," she said.

"It brings considerable savings to our customers, by eliminating plates. It's a win for us and our customers in cost savings given the amount of changes that are taking place with labeling laws."

Deciding on the L350 meant taking a close look at a variety of digital presses. "Many of the other presses require a different top coating. We coat our own label materials, so with the L350 we can leverage our coating capabilities to provide custom face and adhesive combinations with high-end graphics.

"We are trusted for providing customized solutions and high quality graphics so the L350 is a good match for us. We can rely on it to come through for our company and our customers."

Label Print Technologies utilizes synthetics with special adhesives. "The SCREEN is very good with removable adhesives," she said.

Another big advantage is the L350's up time versus down time. "It's a reliable press that produces beautiful labels, and the up time is very, very good. After training we have been able to achieve repeatable results."

Label Print Technologies got exactly what it needed in the L350. "It's a terrific piece of equipment. It's great for production," she said.


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