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SCREEN Truepress Jet520HD and SC Inks Help California Marketer Admail West Step Forward into the Inkjet World

September 8, 2017

SCREEN Truepress Jet520HD and SC Inks Help California Marketer Admail West Step Forward into the Inkjet World

Admail West, a full-service marketing firm based on the West Coast, continues to distinguish itself from the competition with its recent installation of a SCREEN Truepress Jet520HD high-definition inkjet web press and adoption of the SCREEN’s new groundbreaking SC Inks. Over the past 28 years, Admail West has enjoyed a leadership position in the region, in large measure because it has been an industry differentiator.

“We have been the first on many fronts,” said Kathy Pescetti, president/CEO of the Women Owned™ business. “We had over-under ink jet first, dual head first, inkjetting in line that we created for inserting. How we move forward in finding answers for our clients is vital to our company. With the help of the Komori and SCREEN partnership, we could see how well the Truepress Jet520HD and SC Inks fit in with where our industry is heading. You need these efficiencies to be competitive and to meet the challenges of today’s market.”

Admail West, with its focus on management of data relative to communications, chose the Truepress Jet520HD along with SCREEN’s proprietary SC Inks after a thorough vetting process that lasted many months. “It’s safe to say that it’s our service, operations and project management that allows us to help handle the client product with the best efficiency and turn time accuracy, and that has been true for decades in the company,” said Ms. Pescetti. “We have always been exceptional in our turn time. The efficiencies that the SCREEN technology brings to us are tremendous.”

“For example, using some of our older systems for one client’s project, it took 130 hours to complete. By our calculations, that will take only eight hours on the SCREEN equipment. You can imagine what that will do for us in terms of turn times and production.”

“An important consideration for us going with the SCREEN Truepress Jet520HD was comparative down time,” said Anthony Pescetti, Senior VP of Business Development. “It’s become second nature with the digital we have to keep support staff on site to service the equipment since it has only a fifty to sixty percent up time. That isn’t necessary with the SCREEN device.”

“We’re very cognizant of managing costs for our clients so we performed testing and analysis for them, comparing inkjet to offset. To obtain a result that was acceptable using traditional inkjet, the cost of paper was very expensive.” Ms. Pescetti said. “Printing on the 520HD with the new SC Inks, however, opens the door for lots more choices in paper that includes standard coated offset stocks. We’re solution oriented and want to make sure we give our clients as many options as possible for them to execute their marketing needs in print.”

Ms. Pescetti explained, “The 520HD has already impacted our business. The conversion of clients that have been printing in our print room on sheet-fed digital, now have converted over. Financially, it has been a benefit for our company and given us the opportunity and impetus to add new sales people; we’ve hired four new sales professionals who are thrilled with the new technology! The company’s been rejuvenated and we see good things ahead.”

“You know, our relationship with Komori and SCREEN has been amazing. For 28 years I’ve purchased equipment for this company and very few of the vendors I have worked with have been as agreeable and supportive in partnering with us as these two. Yes, the word partner is used a lot, but in this case I can honestly say that it has truly been a wonderful partnership,” she added.

Now one of the West Coast’s leading marketing firms, Admail West began its current incarnation nearly three decades ago when Kathy Pescetti and her mother took over the company. Ten years ago, Kathy’s mother retired and Kathy took full ownership. In 2014 Admail West bought in to a start-up called Clearfluence that was working to marry traditional print with digital marketing media to attract and communicate to different client markets.

Admail West is headquartered in Sacramento with two additional plants within six miles for a total combined square footage of 91,000 feet employing 100 people. The company serves a wide range of businesses, from small operations to worldwide corporations. Among these are: retailers, insurance companies, educational institutions, banks, political organizations, internet and technology companies, casinos, art groups, realtors and homebuilders, doctors and dentists, medical groups and hospitals, non-profits, pharmaceutical companies, textbook publishers, and automobile dealerships.

“Our clients now have a lot more flexibility with what they are able to produce from a digital print on demand perspective,” said Admail’s Director of Client Services David Lasko. “That flexibility is important not only to our direct clients but also to the trade individuals with whom we work. Part of our job moving forward is to become a solution provider, educating our clients on what the increased capabilities of a machine like this are and what that means to their organizations. The Truepress provides many new opportunities.”

The SCREEN Truepress Jet520 HD high definition, inkjet press is sold in the US by Komori America Corporation under an exclusive distributorship arrangement.


Komori and SCREEN Help Admail West Further Distinguish Itself with SCREEN Truepress Jet520HD and SC Inks

“The installation of the SCREEN Truepress Jet520HD and SC Inks fit in well with where our industry is heading. You need these efficiencies to be competitive and to meet the challenges of today's market. Komori and SCREEN are helping us get there.”

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